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5 Ways to Make a Cramped Bathroom Appear Larger July 24, 2019

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5 Ways to Make a Cramped Bathroom Appear Larger, Clinton, Connecticut

If you have a bathroom that feels cramped, a bathroom remodel allows you to alter your layout to maximize the space. However, you don’t have to make major alterations that require plumbing and rewiring work to create the illusion of more space. If you’re looking for ways to maximize your square footage, here are a few tips that will help you make the most of the room that you already have.

Simple Tips for Making a Bathroom Look Larger

1. Lighten it Up

Lighter colors make rooms look brighter and more spacious. If your current bathroom features darker hues, swap out the paint, shower curtain, and accessories for light shades. This doesn’t have to be white— feel free to use baby blue, yellow, or another light color. You can also paint the trim lighter than the walls to create the illusion of more depth. 

2. Add Mirrors

Most bathrooms have one large mirror over the sink to make it easy to get ready in the morning. However, you can update this look by adding multiple smaller fixtures throughout the space. These will reflect natural or artificial light, making the room appear brighter. You can place them across a window to harness the power of the sun for this effect.

3. Install a Pedestal Sink bathroom remodel

If your small bathroom has a large vanity, the unit may be taking up too much space. If possible, move items like linens into another room and install a pedestal sink instead of the vanity. This will give you more floor space to make the room feel like it has more square footage. You can also install shelves and racks to store your towels on the walls, which won’t take up floor area.

4. Remove Accessories

Homeowners often try to enhance the appearance of a small space by adding accessories and decorations to the walls. Unfortunately, this limits your line of sight and can make the room appear cluttered. During a bathroom remodel, remove any nonessential items from the area. From candles to picture frames, nixing extraneous items will free up space and maximize it.

5. Reglaze an Old Bathtub

If your tub has dull-looking tiles, the darkness may also make the room appear more cramped. Skip the cost of removing old tiles and replacing the bathtub. Instead, reglaze them to restore the porcelain to its original white coloring. This will make it look brighter and help it reflect light, opening up the space. 


If you want to breathe life back into an old bathtub during your bathroom remodel, call Porcelain Glaze in Middlesex County, CT. These expert technicians will customize your porcelain fixtures to meet your new color palette. They provide free written estimates and guarantees on every job. Call these refinishing professionals at (860) 669-2576 to schedule an appointment for your bathroom remodel.

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