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Updating the Kitchen? How to Choose a Low-Maintenance Design July 29, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
Updating the Kitchen? How to Choose a Low-Maintenance Design, Lincoln, Nebraska

The kitchen is the heart of the home—often doubling as a homework center and an entertainment space, as well as an area to cook and eat. However, because it is often put to so much use, it can become messy easily. Therefore, if you’re thinking of doing something different with your kitchen design, don’t just consider what will look good right after the contractors have left—but what will be easy to keep looking good into the future.


Opt for easy-to-clean countertops.

The counters are the major work areas and the most likely to get dirty, stained, or damaged. For your new kitchen design, choose materials that resist dirt, scratches, and spills. Non-porous quartz, granite, recycled glass, or steel are the most durable options.

Choose flooring material carefully.

Although it’s tempting to put hardwood in the kitchen, it does not respond well to moisture. These floors can also show a lot of wear and tear from kids and pets. Additionally, you want to avoid tile, which comes with easily-stained grout. Vinyl or linoleum floors come in a wide variety of patterns and are much more forgiving.


Make the work triangle too big.

kitchen designIf you are doing a big remodel, make sure there is not too much space between the stove, refrigerator, and sink. This trifecta is sometimes referred to as the “work triangle” since these areas are often situated close to each other, surrounding one corner of the room. Furthermore, position the refrigerator close to either the sink or the stove. This minimizes the length of the trip you have to make while carrying ingredients or hot pans, so there is less likelihood of spills.

Fall for trends.

Kitchen design trends change all the time, and it’s easy to get excited about a look such as open cabinets, glass doors, and trendy colors. But keep in mind that these options may be difficult to keep clean and will not be the preferred style forever. Therefore, opt for classic features that match your own personal taste.


Your time is precious. A low-maintenance kitchen design will save you countless minutes of cleaning and InsideOut Renovations of Lincoln, NE, will bring it to life for you. Since 2005, these professionals have specialized in kitchen, bath, and basement remodels, as well as installed new doors, decks, and flooring. Call (402) 474-0028 for an estimate or visit the website to see a full range of their services.