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3 Reasons to Schedule Company Happy Hour August 6, 2019

Gulf Shores, Baldwin
3 Reasons to Schedule Company Happy Hour, Gulf Shores, Alabama

Once work ends for the day, it is not uncommon for employees to head to the local bar and restaurant for happy hour cocktails, wine, and beer. And, while plenty of people enjoy post-work brews with their fellow employees, establishing a company happy hour offers benefits any manager or business owner should consider. Here, learn why happy hour cocktails on the company dime are so beneficial.

3 Reasons to Make Company Happy Hour Cocktails a Habit

1. Encourages Socialization

According to recent research, alcohol consumption in moderate amounts increases social bonding in groups. This often results in longer conversations, which helps team members get to know each other better and enjoy stronger working relationships. Great relationships among your employees contributes to peaceful, happier work environments. Since some of the reasons people leave jobs is because they do not like their coworkers or the office vibe, encouraging socialization is also a way to reduce high turnover rates that do nothing for your company’s reputation.

2. Helps Employees Feel Appreciated

cocktailsHappy hour cocktails provide the opportunity to celebrate employee accomplishments. For example, when an employee scores a new client, does a fantastic job on a presentation, or has stayed at the job for a certain time period; why not celebrate with libations at the local seafood restaurant or other nearby establishment? Spotlighting personal milestones also helps employees feel deeply appreciated, such as a team member’s recent engagement or property acquisition.

3. Boosts Productivity

When employees feel taken care of and appreciated, they are more likely to work hard. Company happy hour also increases productivity due to social bonding and a subsequent increased willingness to work together. It additionally attracts new team members looking for companies who care about the happiness of their employees while also encouraging networking with peer companies and area businesses.


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