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Kitchen Color & Pattern Ideas From Your Favorite Home Improvement Contractor September 3, 2015

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Kitchen Color & Pattern Ideas From Your Favorite Home Improvement Contractor, Anchorage, Alaska

Is it time to give your kitchen a facelift? Allow the experts at K&B Designs in Anchorage, AK to make the kitchen remodel design process seamless. As one of the area’s top kitchen remodeling companies, team members can easily help you create your dream kitchen. After all, isn’t the kitchen where most families spend a lot of time?

Check out a few of the home improvement contractors' favorite ideas regarding kitchen colors and patterns that work beautifully together:

  • Neutral: Neutral tones look lovely in a kitchen and work with a number of other colors. Stay within the neutral color palette, such as tans and ivories with brown hues, or add a bolder option, such as red, green, orange, and violet. Red and orange warm neutral colors, while green and violet offer a cooling effect.
  • Glass: Cabinets featuring glass fronts look stunning when paired with light-colored appliances. This is also a great way to brighten an otherwise dark or drab kitchen.


  • Country Meets City: Blending country kitchen patterns with highly modern stainless steel appliances is a creative and visually pleasing way to create a new kitchen space. Think checkered rugs and light-colored cabinets in fantastic contrast to your new appliances.
  • Matte Greens: Utilizing two shades of matte green with white is yet another stunning kitchen color option. Try light green with a lighter green set against white window frames and appliances.
  • Black and White: A forever-classic kitchen look, black and white patterns have the power to dazzle. Go for a black-and-white patterned floor with white walls, solid-black countertops and black appliances.

Discuss these and other exciting kitchen remodel design options with the expert team at K&B Designs today! The experienced team guarantees quality craftsmanship that meets your expectations and taste.

For more on home improvement projects, please call K&B Designs at (907) 274-2265 or visit the website.

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