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Your Questions About Motorcycle Helmet Laws, Answered July 23, 2019

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Your Questions About Motorcycle Helmet Laws, Answered, Dayton, Ohio

Driving a motorcycle is a liberating experience, freeing you from the confines of an automobile. Motorcycles are also more dangerous than cars, however, resulting in injury claims as well as some 5,000 deaths per year. Wearing a helmet helps to keep you safe — and may also be legally required. Get the fast facts on motorcycle helmet laws in Ohio below.

FAQ: Ohio Motorcycle Helmet Laws

What are the helmet laws in Ohio?injury claims

Ohio only requires motorcyclists to wear a helmet if they have had their motorcycle license for one year or less or if they are under 18 years of age. If the driver has to wear a helmet, the passenger is also required to wear one.

What are the consequences for non-compliance?

If you fall into one of the categories requiring you to wear a helmet and are caught riding without one, legal consequences ensue. In Ohio, a police officer will charge you with a minor misdemeanor for a first offense. If it's a second or third offense, the level of misdemeanor increases with each following infraction.

Will not wearing a helmet influence injury claims?

Another reason to wear a helmet even if it’s not required is that failing to do so may impact potential injury claims. Say you suffer a head trauma because a car cuts in front of your motorcycle and causes you to crash. If the defense can prove that the injuries you sustained would have been prevented or reduced with a helmet, your claim will lose value.

Should you get an attorney for an injury claim?

Ohio is a so-called comparative negligence state. What this means is that in personal injury claims, the blame does not have to be assigned 100% to one or the other party but could be divided up. In general, motorcyclists must overcome bias in these cases because the vehicles they drive are inherently dangerous. You should get a lawyer in the event of an accident to build a strong case.


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