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A Brief Guide to Phonics September 16, 2019

West Village, Manhattan
A Brief Guide to Phonics, Manhattan, New York

Helping your child read is one of the most beneficial steps that you can take during their formative years. Among the most important concepts that affects how your children learn is phonics. It serves as the foundation for a lifetime of successful reading and understanding and can benefit their education and love for the written word in equal amounts. Here’s what you should know about phonics and why it’s so vital to your little one’s success.

All About Phonics

What Is Phonics?

In simplest terms, phonics involves the connection between sounds and letters. Thinking about the alphabet is one way to better understand this concept. Each letter has its own unique sound, and some create new sounds when combined. Learning how to decode phonics is key to a child’s education because it allows them to sound out words properly, which in turn help them to read, understand, and absorb information more effectively.  

Why Is It So Important?

educationAn understanding of phonics implies a thorough understanding of the alphabet. Once your child knows the letters, they learn to associate them with the sounds they correspond to. And once they learn those sounds, they can more easily decode words that are both simple and complex. The basic goal is to help readers develop a mastery of breaking down words. For example, a word such as “home” could be slowly sounded out segment by segment to arrive at the full word. A word such as “bright,” however, is far more challenging because it contains components that aren’t sounded out. This is a digraph, a letter combination that makes a single sound. Learning all of this is an ongoing process and an essential part of each child’s education. Developing this skill early can foster a love of preschool reading and help children perform better in the classroom.

How Is Phonics Taught?  

Students initially learn the most straightforward sounds first. This may happen inside the classroom, but it usually occurs at home when parents read to their kids and slowly sound out words. This is the starting point for kids to understand how different words create different sounds. In school, kids learn the sounds that each letter can produce before moving on to more complex digraphs and other similar concepts. Many instructors play alphabet games in the classroom, such as naming different words that begin with a single letter.



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