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3 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Windows August 2, 2019

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3 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Windows , Rochester, New York

Homeowners rely on their windows to keep them safe and protected. It’s important for them to open and close easily to air out the house. They also provide natural light and allow you to look outdoors. However, over time, windows wear out and become outdated. If yours are getting older, it may be time to call a glass replacement company. Here are a few reasons to upgrade. 

Why Upgrade Your Home Windows?

1. Safety 

When your windows don’t open and close easily, it’s a danger to everyone in the home. If there was an emergency, such as a fire, and a window doesn’t open, it could leave you desperate to find a way out. Also, if the locks on your windows don’t work properly, a criminal could easily break into your home. If they no longer lock, it’s time to call a glass replacement contractor.

2. Energy-Efficiency 

glass replacementIf there’s a dramatic difference in the temperature in your home in the summer months, a seal may be broken. In addition, a high energy bill is a telltale sign that you need new windows. Newer, energy-efficient options are made with quality frames and have multiple panes to keep the temperature inside the house consistent. Further, they reduce noise pollution, making your home a more relaxing place to spend time.

3. Aesthetic Appeal 

Whether or not you are selling your home in the future, replacing the windows is an excellent investment. Older windows tend to build up residue that is almost impossible to clean, making them appear cloudy. Newer windows are less likely to get dirty and are easier to clean, helping the sun shine brighter in your home. Plus, if you choose to sell, clean, beautiful windows will improve your home’s curb appeal. 


When you need glass replacement services, contact Mr. Glass in Monroe County, NY. With 40 years of experience, you can trust their quality work. They are a family-owned business and are committed to offering top-notch customer service. For a free glass replacement quote, visit them online or call (585) 271-1270.

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