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Leather vs. Cloth Car Upholstery August 6, 2019

Dothan, Houston
Leather vs. Cloth Car Upholstery, Dothan, Alabama

Whether you’re redoing a classic car or upgrading your modern ride, a new interior can breathe fresh life into your vehicle. The two main types of car upholstery — leather and cloth, each have advantages and choosing the best one for you will depend on your budget, taste, and lifestyle. Here are a few factors to consider to make your decision easier.

Factors That Influence Car Upholstery Choices


Fabric car upholstery is relatively inexpensive. It doesn’t cost as much as leather to manufacture or install. Leather, particularly top-grain, can be pricier, around $500 to $2,000 depending on the make and model of the vehicle and quality of the material. Leather also costs more to repair, although it may last longer with proper care.


CarUpholsteryNothing beats a leather interior when it comes to appearance. Leather is sleek and sophisticated and can upgrade the look of your vehicle significantly. However, cloth car upholstery is versatile, available in a broad range of colors and patterns.


Premium leather is resistant to stains, and it’s easy to clean with the right products. Cloth can be challenging to clean and may look dirty quickly, especially if you have a light color. If you do choose upholstery and have children or pets, consider selecting a darker color that will show stains and dirt less. You’ll also want to invest in periodic upholstery cleaning and stain removal.


The cloth is generally more comfortable than leather, particularly during periods of extreme cold or heat. Leather absorbs and retains heat and cold, which means it may be very hot or cold in summer and winter. Fortunately, upgrades such as heated seats can mitigate some of this problem if you select leather.


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