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Do's & Don'ts of Writing a Eulogy August 16, 2019

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Do's & Don'ts of Writing a Eulogy, Chili, New York

Preparing to say goodbye to a loved one is difficult, and it can be hard to know what to say to a room full of friends and family. Writing a eulogy during an emotional time can be one of the most healing exercises. If you have the honor of speaking at a loved one's funeral service, here are a few tips to make your eulogy meaningful and memorable. 


Tell a story.

If you're preparing a eulogy, you likely shared many memories with your loved one. Think about a few times when they showcased their character, such as helping a senior cross the street or donating to charities, and covey that in the eulogy. Keep it lighthearted and make sure that the story you tell portrays the best qualities of the deceased. 

Practice your speech.

After you’ve written your eulogy, practice it a few times in front of the mirror or in a quiet place. Practicing your eulogy will help you deliver a smooth and clear speech in front of all your loved ones. Saying the words out loud might also help you think of other memories you’d like to share with everyone. 


Write a lengthy eulogy.

funeral serviceAs you reflect on all of the memories you shared with your loved one, you might worry about not being able to tell all the stories you want to in the time allotted. However, putting a time limit on your speech encourages you to convey your love for the deceased in a concise, yet effective way. A short or semi-short eulogy also gives other family members at the funeral service the opportunity to make speeches and allows religious or spiritual leaders the chance to say a few words as well. 

Worry about your delivery as you write.

As you write, don't let the fear of public speaking at the funeral service get in the way of your words. Focus on what you want to say rather than how you're going say it. If you find yourself worrying about your delivery, continue to practice it until the day of the service. Shift your focus back to your stories and remember that you're writing this eulogy to honor the deceased. 



If you're struggling with writing a eulogy, talk to the funeral directors at Leo M. Bean and Sons Funeral Home in Rochester, NY. With more than 40 years of experience, they can help you plan the perfect service for your loved ones. They offer cremation, traditional ceremonies, and funeral services, as well as pre-planning services. Learn how you can customize your funeral ceremony by visiting them online or call (585) 426-7830 to schedule an appointment.

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