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A Brief Guide to VoIP Technology July 29, 2019

Kearney, Buffalo County
A Brief Guide to VoIP Technology, Kearney, Nebraska

As a business owner, it’s imperative to harness the value of different types of technology. In the modern world, many companies rely on voice over IP (VoIP). This revolutionary concept makes it easy to make phone or video calls via the internet instead of through a standard phone line. Here’s what you need to know about this cost-effective way of supporting your business.

How VoIP Systems Work

Unlike traditional phone landlines, which depend on copper wiring to convert your voice into energy that transmits from one handset to another, voice over IP systems rely solely on the internet to transmit information. In simplest terms, your audio or video is converted into a “packet” of data that is then transmitted to the recipient. This data then converts into understandable information on the other end—either sound or an image.

The Business Benefits of VoIP

voice over IPThe greatest advantage of upgrading to a voice over IP system is that it enables you to cost-effectively communicate with anyone at any time—even overseas—so long as the parties have reliable internet connections. You don’t have to worry about paying for multiple phone lines either. This means those restructuring their computer networking and phone budget could save a considerable amount by switching.  In addition, this service is quick and reliable, eliminating many of the common issues associated with landlines, such as poor reception.


If you’re thinking of swapping your traditional phone lines for a savvier, more convenient method of communication, turn to the professionals at Intellicom. Proudly serving business owners Nebraska, the company offers voice over IP services, along with flexible IT support solutions. This includes everything from stylish web designs to backing up your servers. Visit them online to learn more about these offerings. Read from satisfied customers on Google and Facebook. Then call them at (308) 237-0684 with questions.

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