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3 Window Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid September 9, 2019

Spring Valley, Rockland County
3 Window Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid, Spring Valley, New York

Windows keep your home filled with natural light, help your plants grown, and make rooms feel open and happy. However, cleaning them can be a pain, and sometimes there are issues that you can’t fix yourself. Window replacement companies offer window cleaning services and will help you with maintenance to keep your windows in pristine shape.

3 Common Window Cleaning Mistakes 

1. Don’t Clean Windows on Hot Days

On hot days your windows will absorb heat, and warm windows will cause any cleaner you are using to dry much quicker than if the window was cold. If the cleaning solution dries too quickly, it leaves behind streaks and spots. To keep them streak-free and avoid having to wipe them down multiple times, choose a cooler day to wash your windows.

2. Always Use The Right Tools

It’s common for many people to use newspapers or paper towels to clean their windows. However, window replacement professionals say this isn't the best option. Instead of using materials that can leave behind residue, permanent stains, or scratches, try using a microfiber cloth instead. Always be prepared by having a bucket to hold your cleaning solution, a sponge/mop, a squeegee, and a scraper. If your windows require a scraper, be sure not to experiment with alternatives, like razor blades, that could damage your glass permanently and require glass replacement,

3. Don’t Clean The Whole Window at Once

It can be tempting to spray down the entire window and clean it in a few quick swipes, but you need to clean your windows in sections. By focusing on one section at a time, you will have windows that are streak-free and shiny. This will also prevent the build up of soap scum as cleaner dries before you can wipe it down. Window replacement professionals recommend cleaning in sections as this will preserve the entire window, instead of having windows that appear spotty and faded in various places.


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