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Can a Dog Scare Off Raccoons & Other Wildlife? August 12, 2019

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Can a Dog Scare Off Raccoons & Other Wildlife?, New Milford, Connecticut

Raccoons invading your property can be frightening and frustrating. These creatures may be cute, but they can wreak havoc on your home and may carry diseases like rabies. While professional raccoon removal can take care of the problem, prevention is preferable. Many homeowners wonder if owning a dog can help keep wildlife at bay. Here’s a closer look at why relying on a pet can be problematic and what you can do instead. 

What to Know About Dogs & Raccoon Removal

Many dogs will bark at or chase after wildlife. Raccoons typically aren’t aggressive, and dogs can sometimes successfully frighten them off. However, not all dog breeds will have this response. Raccoons also will eventually get used to the barks and feel less threatened. Therefore, a dog isn’t a good long-term method for raccoon removal. In addition, a rabid animal can attack your pet, resulting in injuries that require veterinary care. 

How Do You Keep Raccoons Away?

raccoon removalRaccoons are persistent little creatures, so getting rid of them permanently may seem like an impossible feat. However, if you make the following changes, you’ll reduce the likelihood that unwanted visitors will appear: 

  • Seal Your Garbage Cans: Raccoons love getting into trash, so make sure yours aren’t easily accessible. Purchase ones made of impenetrable materials like metal, and look locking lids. 

  • Remove Food: If raccoons can’t find food around your home, they’ll look for it elsewhere. Pick up fallen fruit from trees, don’t leave your pets’ food dishes outside and bring your bird feeders inside at night.

  • Keep Your Yard Clean: The cleaner your yard is, the fewer places raccoons will have to hide. Mow your grass regularly, trim your bushes, and remove clutter from your yard.


If you’re looking for raccoon removal services in New Milford, CT, turn to the professionals at American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services. They’ve been in business since 1971. They specialize in humane animal control, so no creatures will be harmed during the removal process. Once they trap the pests, they will relocate them to DEEP-approved forests. For more information about their home animal removal services, call (860)-355-1231 or visit their website.

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