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3 Septic Tank Issues to Look Out For Before Selling Your Home July 30, 2019

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3 Septic Tank Issues to Look Out For Before Selling Your Home, Preston, Connecticut

Selling your home can be an exciting process, but it shouldn’t be rushed. Having the proper inspections done before making the sale will save you from headaches and money down the road. If your home has a septic system, having a septic inspection before selling is essential. Here are three reasons why scheduling septic pump service is important before selling your home.

Why You Should Schedule Septic Inspections Before Selling Your Home

1. Checking the Tank's Fill Capacity

A septic inspection involves examining a septic tank for solid waste, sludge, and scum. While an intact septic tank contains waste ready to be processed, a damaged one will leak, create soggy spots in the yard, and emit foul odors. Specialists will examine your tank’s fullness to make sure it’s running efficiently. If your tank is too full, it may have buildup and clogged pipes. An overfilled septic tank will turn away potential buyers, so draining and cleaning your tank will make selling your home easier.

2. Checking the System for Repairs or Replacements

septic-inspectionMany homeowners tend to overlook septic inspections until something breaks, causing them to spend more money on a replacement. A replacement tank can cost thousands of dollars, and a new tank can be even more expensive. A checkup to see how the system is performing will be invaluable information for you and your potential buyers. 

3. Ensure waste doesn't reach ground level

If your yard is soggy or your vegetation is growing rapidly, your septic tank may be damaged. These signs occur when your system overflows or a pipe cracks, flooding your property with nutrients. If your piping is clogged, you'll notice wet areas above the tank. Additionally, if a tank has a leak, pools of water will form above the system. These are all indicators that your tank is failing and in immediate need of a septic inspection. 



Whether you’re selling your home or simply wish to keep your home’s septic system running smoothly, contact the experts at Abrahamson Septic in Preston, CT for a septic inspection. They have over 50 years of experience with septic tank installation, maintenance, and repair. Visit their website to learn more about their services or call (860) 889-7939 to request an estimate today.

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