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How to Help Your Truck Drivers Meet High-Demand Deliveries on Time August 6, 2019

How to Help Your Truck Drivers Meet High-Demand Deliveries on Time, Henrietta, New York

As a logistics manager for one of many NY trucking companies, it’s up to you to adhere to a busy delivery schedule and ensure each shipment arrives at its destination in a timely manner. This is equally important to your drivers, whose income relies on being able to make a certain amount of deliveries within a specified time frame. These tips can help your drivers save on driving time without compromising road safety.

4 Ways NY Trucking Companies Can Help Drivers Save Time

1. Adjust Driving Schedules 

Your drivers probably adhere to a standard shift schedule, even though they may not have to punch a time clock. They can make things easier on themselves by stopping earlier in the evening and getting a start on their drives earlier in the morning. This will help them find parking availability at truck service stops along the highway before they become full with other drivers. Additionally, getting up earlier means getting in a few more hours of drive time before traffic gets heavier.

2. Plot a Timed Travel Itinerary

Drivers can also avoid heavy traffic by plotting their routes and comparing drive times. For instance, if a driver’s GPS would take them through a metropolitan area during peak driving hours, it may be wise to readjust to avoid driving straight through the city. In general, major cities should be avoided between 7 a.m. through 9 a.m., 11 a.m. through 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. through 5 p.m.

3. Ask for Earlier Loading or Unloading Times NY trucking companies

Drivers often arrive at their destinations several hours early, or they may sometimes get there a full day ahead of their appointment times. It can’t hurt for the driver to call the shipping or receiving office to find out if they can fit him in earlier. Sometimes they can accommodate the request. 

4. Follow a Regular Service Schedule

Regular preventative maintenance and general care can help your drivers keep their trucks looking and operating in peak condition. While a truck lease may dictate certain obligations as far as preventative maintenance, making an extra effort will pay off. Routine tuneups, oil changes, and inspections can help your drivers avoid the downtime that can be caused by breakdowns on the road. 


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