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Why Is Workplace Training So Important? August 29, 2019

Downers Grove, DuPage
Why Is Workplace Training So Important?, Downers Grove, Illinois

Without reading the instructions before building that Swedish cabinet or playing Monopoly for the first time, you can pretty much guarantee the process will end in failure or frustration. The same goes for the workplace. Employees must first be educated about their obligations and given a chance to test out their new skills before being expected to perform at a satisfactory level. By looking through the lens of trusted real estate agency EXIT Realty Upper Midwest, you can learn how workplace training enhances companies as a whole.

Why Is Effective Workplace Training Important?

If you want your employees to learn and absorb the knowledge, you’ll have to do more than show than a short training video. You’ll have to present them with the facts in a concise and engaging manner, as well as allow them to practice and experiment with the skills in a supportive environment. In addition to improving employee performance, new hires will become closer with their peers and mentors in this educational setting.

This system will increase morale at every level of your corporate hierarchy, so you can ensure every employee shows up happy to be part of the team. By requiring consistent, continuing education courses, your employees will always be aware of evolving quality standards, so they can meet your expectations without feeling overwhelmed. 

How Does EXIT Realty Implement Training & Mentoring Programs?

real estateEXIT Realty is known as an industry leader because of their commitment to training and mentoring programs. Through their Ambassador Training program, aspiring agents brush up on their public speaking skills so they can conquer any fears and anxiety they may have when communicating with clients. By receiving constructive feedback and live delivery lessons, they’ll leave the course feeling informed, confident, and ready to make sales. They can also attend the Personality Profile course, which teaches agents how to immediately gauge their client’s personalities, so they can communicate more fluidly and positively. 

Even after this initial training course, EXIT Realty agents get constant access to one-on-one mentoring services and free monthly webinars. By connecting with a more experienced real estate agent, they can learn how to avoid the pitfalls new realtors most often encounter. This includes the opportunity for live video conferencing, so you can get help wherever you are in the world. EXIT Realty also offers an online resource center, which agents can use to access news, best practices, and training tips on their own. 


These are just some of the opportunities EXIT Realty Upper Midwest provides their agents at every stage in their real estate career. If you’d like to learn about becoming an agent in this supportive, education-centered network, visit the website to learn more about getting sponsored by an existing agent. For more information on their company, or to speak with a real estate representative, call (651) 505-3570 today.

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