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Moving? Don't Put These 4 Items on the Truck August 1, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
Moving? Don't Put These 4 Items on the Truck , Rochester, New York

Moving can be an exciting experience, a chance to start fresh in a new abode. But the process of getting from one place to the next isn’t typically the fun part. Fortunately, hiring a moving truck can make the process much more comfortable. But as you pack up, bear in mind there are some items you’ll want to pack in your personal vehicle or dispose of altogether before you hit the road. 

4 Items Not to Put on a Moving Truck 

1. Flammable & Combustible Items

A surprising number of everyday household items are flammable. Though they can be safely stored in your bathroom, workshop, or garage, they should not be packed in a moving truck. Such items include cleaning supplies, charcoal, gardening fertilizer, batteries, and aerosol containers, like hairspray. The high temperatures inside a moving vehicle, particularly in summer, can make these items dangerous. Also, some laws govern which products moving companies can and can’t transport across state lines.

2. Plants

movingIt may seem easy enough to pack plants onto a moving truck, particularly larger varieties like a ficus tree. However, there are a few reasons not to do so. For one, pots tend to be fragile and may break in transit. Also, there’s a fair chance a plant may perish on long-haul journeys as the moving crew won’t have time to stop and water them. Furthermore, plants can carry vermin and bugs, which is why they are prohibited from crossing many state lines. If you’re moving within the state, put plants in your car so you can tend to them.

3. Food

Food items can become a messy health hazard when moving. If you’re traveling a short distance, pack non-perishable items, such as the contents of your pantry, in your car. However, because food attracts pests, it is best to keep it out of storage or a moving truck. Perishables are likely to go back when out of the refrigerator for too long on moving day, so use these up or throw them out before you leave.

4. Ammunition & Guns

Ammunition and guns, like flammable and combustible items, are not allowed on a moving truck. They can pose a hazard to your property or, worse, the moving company operators and others if the firearms go off inside the car. Pack them in an appropriate locker and transport them in your vehicle along with all required documentation. 


If you need help moving, turn to Caccamise Moving. A family-owned and -operated business, they’ve served Greater Rochester, NY, for over 25 years, providing reliable, efficient moving services. In addition to moving house, they also provide piano and antique moving services. Call (585) 624-4616 to speak with a friendly team member or visit the website to learn more about how they can help with your relocation needs. 

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