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A Feng Shui Guide to Mirrors July 31, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
A Feng Shui Guide to Mirrors, Cincinnati, Ohio

Mirrors can add depth and visual interest to a space. However, not all mirrors have the same type of impact. If you really want to improve your space and create a positive energy around your home by adding a custom mirror or two, it may be beneficial to consider some of the basic tenets of feng shui.

What You Should Know About Feng Shui Before Hanging a New Custom Mirror

1. Hang Mirrors at the Proper Height

Mirrors should help you see your own reflection, so avoid hanging them too low or too high. You should be able to see your entire head and shoulders when looking straight into one. Additionally, you should avoid mirrors that distort your image or those that have distressed surfaces. This can change the view you have of yourself over time.

2. Only Reflect Positive Things

custom mirrorThe general idea behind mirrors when it comes to feng shui is that they can double the positive or the negative things in your life. Place them near things that you want more of, like your living room where you regularly host beloved friends and family. Avoid placing them near your desk where you have piles of work waiting for you.

3. Keep Them Away From Beds & Couches

Feng shui is also all about creating spaces that feel safe. Avoid hanging mirrors or any large pieces of decor over your bed or any couches where you regularly spend time. Even if you’re very confident that they’re secure, the idea of a large object hanging over your head as you sleep could create a stressful environment. Instead, place them in hallways or off to the side of these large furniture pieces.


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