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Have a Sunnier Tax Season with These Summertime Tax from the IRS -- Part 2 July 12, 2019

Have a Sunnier Tax Season with These Summertime Tax from the IRS -- Part 2, High Point, North Carolina

In today’s blog, we share the second part of the IRS’ tips to help taxpayers understand the impact their summer activities may have on their returns at tax season. While fewer are taking itemized deductions due to the new higher standard deduction, this blog highlights those relating to state and local income, sales and property taxes, donations, buying or refinancing a home, and reporting gambling wins or losses.


Your tax advisor at Sharrard, McGee & Co., PA can help you determine to manage your summertime plans to minimize your liability at tax time. Call us in High Point at (336) 884-0410 or in Greensboro at (336) 272-9777. 

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