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Why Is It a Problem to Hit the Curb When Parking? July 23, 2019

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Why Is It a Problem to Hit the Curb When Parking? , Rochester, New York

When you began driving lessons, you were probably taught proper procedures for parallel parking. However, once you take the road test and get your license, it can be easy to fall out of practice. One common mistake that occurs is hitting the curb while parking or driving. If this happens frequently, you may be causing extensive damage to the wheels or tires. Below is a guide to the problems that may appear after hitting the curb and what to do for the future. 

Issues With the Car

One negative consequence of hitting the curb is misaligning the car’s suspension. The front suspension has a variety of parts, such as tie rods, and wrecking any piece of it may cause the vehicle to veer out of control. The tires may also become susceptible to uneven wear, which can lead to a blowout. If you hit the curb, the tire rim can bend, which causes the steering wheel to flounder. When the alignment of the car experiences problems, you may have a hard time controlling the vehicle and keeping it from moving into another lane. 



If you’re feeling rusty, schedule some driving lessons to refresh your skill-set. Morgan School of Driving in Fairport, NY, offers classes for already-licensed drivers to improve their parking and driving. Since 1943, their instructors have helped more than 400,000 students learn the necessary skills to drive safely on the road. They also provide convenient scheduling options to fit into your busy week. To book a refresher course, call (585) 425-2410. Visit their website to learn more about their driving lessons.

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