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3 Party Games For Your Child’s Birthday Celebration  July 19, 2019

Harlem, Manhattan
3 Party Games For Your Child’s Birthday Celebration , Manhattan, New York

When planning a birthday party for your child, you might look for ways to keep little ones entertained during the event. Having planned activities will help include shy youngsters and make the party memorable. If you’ve never planned kids’ games before, you may wonder where to begin. To give you some inspiration, here are a few party games that appeal to kids of a variety of ages.

Exciting Games for Your Child’s Birthday Party   

1. Exploring Mystery Bags

This is a fun guessing game that’s suited for young children. Find objects that have tactile interest, such as cotton balls and rubber bands, and place each in a paper lunch bag. At the party, have kids place their hands in the bags and try to guess the items. Keep a tally of each child’s score so you can pick a winner once you run out of bags.

2. Bursting Balloons

birthday partyPlaying music at birthday parties helps both children and adults get in the partying spirit, so create a list of tunes to play during the gathering. To encourage guests to dance, play the balloon bursting game. Kids keep a ball moving in the air as they dance to a song. The last child to touch it at the end of the track must pop the balloon. Inside, they’ll find a note outlining an activity they must complete, such as touching their toes or acting like an animal.

3. Participating in Treasure Hunts

Kids like to explore new places, so create a treasure hunt with objects discreetly placed throughout the venue. You can create a list of clues written as riddles or use only symbols to describe locations to make the game more challenging. This can be completed individually or in groups to encourage teamwork and bonding.


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