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3 Benefits of Accordion Fire Doors July 15, 2019

Waipahu, Ewa
3 Benefits of Accordion Fire Doors, Ewa, Hawaii

No one ever wants to think of a fire in their establishment, but it’s only through foresight that you can hope to minimize the damage. If you’re a building manager or owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure contingency plans are in place in case of an emergency. One of the best ways to protect your building, staff, and assets is with an accordion fire door.

3 Reasons to Install Accordion Fire Doors

1. Protection

Flames and smoke spread quickly. Fortunately, accordion fire doors work fast. It takes only seconds to deploy these doors and section off a space. These doors can hold up for several hours, slowing the spread of the fire and keeping the people inside safe. Multiple doors offer some control as well: you can close off areas to keep the flames at bay while opening others to provide escape routes. 

2. Customization 

Fire DoorAccordion fire doors aren’t one-size-fits-all. They’ll be custom-made for your space. These doors can stretch across large spaces like lobbies and even encompass multiple points; for example, one long door in your lobby may also section off the staircase and several doorways. A certified technician will help you design the optimal solution depending on the design and traffic flow of your building.

3. Ease of Use

In addition to keeping you and your staff safe, these fire doors are easy to operate and stow seamlessly out of sight when they aren’t in use. They blend in with the architecture of your building, folding into pockets at a ratio of just inches per foot. Since they’re suspended from an overhead track, there are no tracks on the floor to pose a tripping hazard. The doors can be mechanized to deploy automatically upon receiving a signal from a smoke detector or fire alarm. The doors will then reset to the open position when you manually push them back into place or press the rocker switch once the alarm has been cleared.


The experts at Automatic Door Specialists in Waipahu, HI, will provide you with a well-designed accordion fire door. For over 25 years, they’ve helped business owners and safety managers alike protect their buildings with everything from installation to 24-hour emergency repair. Visit them online to see their full range of services, or call them at (808) 678-8880 to make an appointment.

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