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What Pedestrians Should Know If They're Injured by a Moving Car August 5, 2019

Boston, Suffolk
What Pedestrians Should Know If They're Injured by a Moving Car, Boston, Massachusetts

While you might not get to your destination as quickly, there are many perks to walking instead of driving—from the fresh air to the stress-relieving exercise. However, when drivers aren’t careful, they can turn your strolls from pleasant to painful. If you prefer walking or you have to walk alongside a busy street daily, you should know these personal injury facts if you’re hit by a car.

3 Facts Pedestrians Should Know in Case of a Car Accident

1. You Can File a Personal Injury Claim

Luckily, the law stands to protect pedestrians in car accidents, as they’re the most at risk and the least able to avoid a collision. If you’re crossing the street in the designated crosswalk, and you have the walk signal, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against the driver who injures you. To prove their negligence and walk away with compensation, you might have to prove that they were preoccupied—such as by eating or texting—driving under the influence, or that they failed to yield to street signs. 

2. Crosswalks Are Key

personal injuryIt’s crucial to always use the crosswalk. If you’re within the limits of this zone, you will have a much greater chance of winning compensation through a personal injury claim. To receive a license, drivers must demonstrate their ability to see and yield to pedestrian crosswalks, so if they drive through one, they can easily be charged with negligence.

3. School Zones Carry Greater Penalties

If you’re walking in a school zone when you’re hit by a car, pay attention to the speed at which the car was traveling. During school hours, drivers must stay at a reduced limit of 20 mph in order to protect children leaving school. Therefore, if they drove through a crosswalk and failed to stick to the revised speed limit, you’ll be entitled to damages for your injuries.



If you were hit by a car and want to file a personal injury claim, let Bellotti Law Group, P.C. in the Greater Boston area fight for your compensation. They will reveal all the details of your case, talking to witnesses and reviewing footage, so you can get the funds you need to cover time off work and medical bills. To learn more about their other practice areas, including family and criminal law, visit the website. Call (617) 778-1000 to set up a consultation.

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