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5 Useful Car Accessories for Summer July 19, 2019

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5 Useful Car Accessories for Summer, Covington, Kentucky

The sun can cook your vehicle’s interior during the summer. The sizzling temperatures heat up the metal and dark material, which can potentially hurt you and the car. At best, it can make for an uncomfortable ride until the air conditioning cools down. Fortunately, a few car accessories can help you block the heat, drive comfortably, and prevent an unnecessary trip to your auto shop.

5 Car Accessories to Keep the Interior Cool This Summer

1. Seat Covers

Seat covers protect the interior of your car. Since dark colors absorb heat and lighter colors reflect it, go with a lighter shade to protect the upholstery and lower the temperature inside your vehicle. This will also prevent your skin from sticking to the seats on hot days. 

2. Automatic Climate Control

Newer cars come with automatic climate control, but if yours didn’t, you can install this technology. Once you wire it to the AC system, this car accessory will then manage the temperature to keep it cool and comfortable in the summer heat. All you have to do is set a desired temperature, and the system will cool the air and adjust the fan speed accordingly.

3. Sun Shades

Car AccessoriesSun shades keep out the heat and redirect UV rays. They are fairly inexpensive and easy to put on your vehicle’s windows. Manufacturers make covers for the front and back windshields. 

4. Dashboard Covers

If you can’t park in the shade or covered parking stalls, you can place a cover on your dashboard to prevent the surface from cracking. You can maintain the appearance of your dashboard, and it will stay cooler if you need to place something on it while getting into your car.

5. Solar Fans

A solar-powered ventilation fan can be installed to maintain a cool temperature in your car. Since its battery is the sun, it will constantly charge during hot summer days, unlike battery-powered car accessories. There’s no waiting for it to pick up steam, it’s waiting and ready to use the moment you get in your car. 


While these car accessories will help you stay cool in the summer heat, the air conditioner is your best resource. If it breaks down and you’re looking for affordable auto repair, bring your vehicle to You Save Auto Repairs in Covington, KY. Their ASE-certified mechanics will diagnose and fix the problem with an emphasis on fast turnaround time. Call (859) 360-3465 today to schedule your appointment, and visit them online for more details about their services.

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