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4 Food Phrases to Know When Ordering Seafood July 26, 2019

Harlem, Manhattan
 4 Food Phrases to Know When Ordering Seafood, Manhattan, New York

Seafood is extremely versatile and has its own language. The menu options can be overwhelming when you first sit down to eat, which is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with common phrases. Below are phrases you’ll find on menus at Caribbean seafood restaurants that will ensure you order a mouth-watering, memorable dish.

Caribbean Seafood Phrases to Know

1. Plantains

seafoodPlantains are a popular side dish you’ll come across. They can be prepared in several ways and are often mistaken for unripened bananas. They’re often prepared as a vegetable and can be roasted, baked, or fried. Sweet options may serve as dessert, while spicy pieces and fried chips may go alongside a fish fillet or sandwich. Try them multiple ways to get the full experience.

2. Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo is most recognized in Mexican food and is a tasty salsa that works well with seafood. It traditionally includes red tomato, white onion, green chili, and cilantro and pairs well with salmon, whitefish, and shellfish. Try it on a salad with shredded fish, atop fish tacos, or spread over a filet.

3. Caribbean Durty Rice

Durty rice is a staple in Caribbean cuisine and has the perfect flavor and texture to enjoy with fish. Plain rice is brought to life with garlic, onion, bay leaf, coconut milk, pepper, and thyme and combined with red beans or pigeon peas to create a flavorful combination. Try salmon served over durty rice with baked plantains on the side.

4. Jerk-Style Cooking

Jerk-style cooking is a signature of the Caribbean. A variety of meats are cooked in a jerk pit and seasoned with ginger, pimento, thyme, and spices. The meat is slow-smoked for three hours over pimento wood to char the outside and hold all the juices in. 



If you want a true taste of Caribbean seafood in Harlem, Manhattan, Lolo’s Seafood Shack has an exciting menu to explore. Since 2014, they’ve served mouthwatering Caribbean food, including crab, shrimp, and fish. Whether you’re new to Caribbean food or a long-time fan, you’ll find several dishes to explore. Visit their website to learn more about their seafood restaurant and call (646) 649-3356 to book a reservation. 

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