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If you are looking for a comprehensive learning program that gives students the tools they need to succeed both inside and outside the classroom for years to come, look no further than the JEI Learning Center in San Jose. Our highly trained instructors will analyze your child's strength and weaknesses and create a customized plan to help them succeed. For more information, visit us today at 2847 S. White Road!

JEI Learning Center: The Early Education Parents Trust in Math & English July 11, 2019

JEI Learning Center: The Early Education Parents Trust in Math & English, ,

An enriching education is one of the most valuable assets a child can be equipped with in this world. JEI Learning Center, the premier learning center of San Jose, CA, is passionate about ensuring every child gets the opportunity to reach their academic potential. During their tutoring programs, they strive to put every young student on the path to success. Today, JEI Learning Center shares key reasons why everyone should seriously consider their programs for young learners.

Why should you enroll your young academic in JEI Learning Center’s tutoring program?

  • Accurate Diagnostic Testing: First, JEI Learning Center uses a system that will diagnose a young learner's academic strengths and weaknesses. Then, JEI Learning Center analyzes those results to decide what curriculum and program is best suited for the student. Students at JEI Learning Center always get individual instruction and customized aid to help them fully develop in every area of academics.
  • Individualized Learning: Students don't fall behind their classroom peers when they use tutoring services from JEI Learning Center. JEI Learning Center tutors tailor their lessons to the student's pace and only progress when the student fully understands the subject matter. They are dedicated to ensuring their students are able to become confident and capable in their studies.

JEI Learning Center provides a curriculum and learning strategy that helps students succeed in early education and beyond, with focuses on developing Common Core State Standard math skills and improving students' reading and writing proficiency. To learn about all the tutoring programs and other services available through JEI Learning Center, visit their official and follow them on Facebook. To enroll your child in JEI Learning Center, call (408) 270-6162 today.

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