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4 Signs You Need a Retaining Wall August 5, 2019

Lexington-Fayette, Fayette
4 Signs You Need a Retaining Wall, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Many homeowners are unaware of the versatility of retaining walls. This hardscape feature offers structural support and, with the right design, a focal point that will unify the look of yards and home entrances. Here are four instances where you could benefit from installing a retaining wall.

Install a Retaining Wall in These 4 Situations

1. Elevation Changes

Many yards have hills or dips that can be obstacles. These elevation changes can make it challenging to plant trees, add patios, and mow the lawn. By installing a retaining wall, you can level the landscape and gain usable space for a fountain, a deck, or a garden terrace.

2. Eroding Soil retaining wall Fayette County KY

Take a look at your yard after a hard rain. Do you have areas of soil runoff? Erosion may occur on downhill slopes and can slowly degrade your ground soil. Prevent loss of soil and fight back against the downward pull of gravity by constructing a retaining wall. By eliminating the slope, you’ll minimize soil loss and beautify your landscape.

3. Foundation Issues

If your home is susceptible to flooding, installing a sump pump to remove excess water is a first step in keeping water out of your basement and away from your foundation. However, there are also hardscape solutions that will improve drainage. Putting in retaining walls at intervals around your home will redirect the flow of water and keep your home dry.

4. Lack of Focal Points

Retaining walls are more than functional. They will add visual interest to your home and enhance home value. Consider installing raised stone borders to create a terrace system with steps where you can grow beautiful flowers, vegetables, and herbs.


Homeowners who need retaining walls should contact Lexington Cut Stone Marble & Tile Company, Inc., in Fayette County, KY, to get started. The business has worked with architects, landscaping specialists, builders, and contractors since 1921. Call this Lexington-area company at (859) 255-2496, or visit their website for information on their extensive inventory of stone, from granite and marble to Indiana limestone and slate.

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