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4 Reasons to Get a Second Dog July 22, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
4 Reasons to Get a Second Dog, Lincoln, Nebraska

Dogs are pack animals—and while they may be thrilled by their human family, that doesn’t mean they wouldn't love a brother or sister to run around with. Some families may worry about the additional animal care required when adopting a second—and while it’s true that another dog will mean twice as many veterinarian shots and twice as much dog food, in other ways, it can make some parts of pet ownership easier. These positives are explored more in the guide below.

What Are the Benefits of Adopting a Second Dog

1. Provides Your Current Pooch With Extra Companionship

Bringing a new furry family member home provides your current dog with a new best friend. As long as both canines are dog-friendly, they will enjoy years of fun together—and their companionship may make each more sociable. If your current dog is grieving the loss of a canine friend who recently passed, a new dog may provide comfort. 

2. Helps Both Dogs Get More Exercise

Dogs need exercise just as much as their human companions to control their weight and help expend energy, among other benefits. Adopting a second dog subsequently means both canines get more exercise and entertainment to prevent boredom and depression-related destructive behaviors, such as destroying furniture and shoes. They’ll spend time playing, jumping, and running around to burn calories and keep their muscles and joints strong and healthy.

3. The Older Dog Will Mentor the Younger One

animal careIf your family always wants to have pets around, getting a new puppy towards your dog’s middle or senior years gives them a chance to pass on the lessons they’ve learned. Research shows that dogs learn to imitate the pack leader—meaning if your dog goes outside to use the restroom, the puppy will learn to, too, making potty training much simpler.

4. Saves a Life

When you adopt a second dog, you are saving a life. According to the ASPCA, 6.5 million companion animals enter shelters around the United States every year, 3.3 million of which are canines. Sadly, 670,000 dogs are put down annually because shelters do not have enough room to provide adequate animal care. Adopting a second dog frees a kennel space to help lower these numbers. 


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