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New Android Malware Replaces Legit Apps With Fake Apps July 12, 2019

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New Android Malware Replaces Legit Apps With Fake Apps, Lake St. Louis, Missouri

Researchers just yesterday released details about a widespread Android malware campaign where attackers replaced legitimate apps with their malicious versions on nearly 25 million Android phones.

According to researchers at Check Point, attackers are distributing a new kind of Android malware that disguises itself as innocent-looking photo editing, adult entertainment, or gaming apps and available through widely used third-party app stores.

The malware takes advantage of multiple Android vulnerabilities, injecting malicious code into the system files of targeted apps and then automatically re-installs/updates them without the victims' knowledge or interaction.

Besides third-party app stores, researchers also found at least 11 infected apps on the Google Play Store in recent months containing malicious yet inactive components.

Since the malware has mostly infected users who downloaded apps from third-party app stores, we highly recommended you only download apps from trusted app stores to mitigate the risk of infection. Also, only download apps from trusted developers.


I would also recommend you install “Malwarebytes Security: Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware” (from the Google Play store) on your Android and update the database to the current version – then run a full scan.

Just follow the steps in the app. This could take several minutes, depending on how many apps you have on your device. It took my phone over 15 minutes, so plan accordingly.

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Original post date:  July 11, 2019

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