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3 Flowers to Consider for August Weddings July 22, 2019

Branford Center, New Haven County
3 Flowers to Consider for August Weddings, Branford Center, Connecticut

People often use the season in which they plan to get married as a guideline for selecting wedding flowers. Whether you plan to use warm, cool, or neutral tones in the bridal bouquet, table centerpieces, and other floral arrangements, there are several flowers that will make your August wedding even more beautiful. To begin your search, consider these popular flowers used at late summer functions.  

3 Flowers to Use in Your August Wedding

1. Cornflower

Traditionally, brides wear something blue on the wedding day, as the color represents faithfulness and loyalty. Cornflower adds vibrant blue accents to your wedding ensemble. The flowers feature numerous short petals clustered together. As the clusters are large and bushy, you won’t need additional filler flowers in a bouquet. You can also secure the flowers to your hair for a colorful headpiece.  

2. Dahlia

Branford-Connecticut-wedding-flowersThe unique shape of dahlia petals will pool focus to your arrangements. The flowers feature tubular petals that when grouped together resemble the look of red- or burgundy-tinted honeycombs. The blooms vary in size, so you can use dahlia as small accent flowers in bride’s maids’ bouquets or use larger varieties to decorate the altar, tables, or backs of chairs.

3. Rose

Roses are used as wedding flowers throughout the year. Although red roses are classic symbols of love and romance, look for shades synonymous with the season for your August nuptials. In addition to red and pink, it’s possible to find orange, yellow, white, burgundy, sage, and peach varieties for late summer soirées.



If you plan to tie the knot in the New Haven County, CT, area, contact the florists at Myers Flowers in Branford, CT, who have been in business since 1913. The team will help you pick out wedding flowers that complement the color palette of your event and then create beautiful arrangements. They’ll also share tips to keep wedding flowers fresh after the function. To learn about the selection, call (203) 481-2381 or visit the shop online to browse the inventory.

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