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3 Symptoms of Exhaust System Trouble August 6, 2019

Geneseo, Livingston
3 Symptoms of Exhaust System Trouble, Geneseo, New York

Your car’s exhaust system expels emissions from your car, helping your vehicle get rid of contaminants and gasses that can damage the engine. Since the exhaust is located under the car, it is subject to damage related to debris and the trauma of the road. Know these symptoms of exhaust system trouble so that you can seek car repairs before the damage is too severe.

Signs Your Exhaust System Is Struggling

1. New Sounds or Smells 

Since the exhaust system moves gasses from your engine, it can start to make strange noises, like rattling or high-pitched whining, if any portion of the pipes happens to be damaged. Additionally, since the leaking exhaust is exceptionally hot, damage to any part of the manifold could melt plastic or rubber components, creating a burning smell.

2. Signs of Physical Damage

Sometimes, exhaust system damage is visible from the rear of the car, but it can be hard to see if there is any visible damage. See if the exhaust pipe appears bent, damaged, or seems to be hanging in any way. If the pipe is cracked or appears to be leaning one way or the other, have your exhaust system inspected. 

3. Performance Problems

When vehicles can’t expel exhaust properly, it can impact the efficiency of the car. Some drivers notice changes in the responsiveness of the engine, while others see issues with power and acceleration. If you begin to notice that your vehicle is getting fewer miles per gallon, you may be experiencing issues with the exhaust. If your vehicle starts to feel sluggish, inspect the exhaust system to look for problems as well as schedule car repairs. 


Spotting the signs of engine trouble is only the first step towards keeping your car in decent shape. If you want to protect your investment, turn to the team at M & R Automotive Service Center In Geneseo, NY. Since their inception over 28 years ago, these professionals have been focusing on helping their clients to enjoy fast, efficient, and skillfully completed car repairs. Find out more about how they can help by visiting their website or giving their team a call at (585) 243-1201.

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