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5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Memorial July 19, 2019

Kingston, Plymouth
5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Memorial, Kingston, Massachusetts

Choosing a memorial grave marker can be an emotional experience. There are many factors that go into choosing the right custom memorial, from the size of the stone used to the style, lettering, and wording on the marker. Because there are so many decisions to make, many people make mistakes in their selections. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid to ensure you get the memorial you want. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Grave Marker

1. Waiting Until the Last Minute

There is nothing wrong with making funeral plans, including choosing grave markers, well before they are needed. In fact, preplanning your memorial removes the pressure from your family. Taking care of this will ensure that they don’t need to make decisions during an emotional time. 

2. Not Knowing the Cemetery Rules

Many cemeteries have specific rules regarding grave markers, outlining the size, shape, and materials that are allowed. Avoid disappointment by researching the rules of the cemetery before purchasing your memorial. 

3. Buying Based on Price

grave markerPrices for grave markers and memorials can vary significantly, but price shouldn’t be your only consideration when choosing one. Select a monument maker who has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process and answer your questions. 

4. Not Knowing What’s Included

Different monument makers have different inclusions for grave markers, and not knowing what’s included in the price can lead to unpleasant surprises. Ask questions and get a thorough breakdown—in writing—of what your memorial package includes to avoid unplanned bills. 

5. Thinking Bigger Is Better

The size of a grave marker isn’t necessarily indicative of the value of the memorial. In fact, some larger memorials are actually of lower quality than smaller ones. Lower quality stone can crack, chip, or stain, so it’s better to have a smaller marker that’s high-quality than to select a cheaper stone simply to have a larger marker. 


Working with an experienced monument maker like Quincy Memorials will help you make the right choices for your family’s grave markers. Serving the South Shore, MA, region, they have provided custom memorials for families for more than 70 years. To learn more about your memorial options, visit the website or call (617) 471-0250. 

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