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The Do's and Don'ts of Summer Tree Care July 18, 2019

Anchorage, Anchorage County
The Do's and Don'ts of Summer Tree Care, Anchorage, Alaska

Summer is the time when your beautiful trees shine. They provide cleaner air and add to the aesthetic to your home. However, proper tree maintenance during the summertime can mean the difference between a luscious, green canopy of shade and a pest-infested nightmare. While you can address some aspects of tree care, it's best to leave the hazardous jobs to tree service professionals. If you're looking to take care of your trees this season, here are some things you can do to keep your tree healthy and looking beautiful.


Water them in the morning.

Like all plants, trees need water. If your summer season is excruciatingly hot, watering your trees in the morning allows them to absorb all the moisture before temperatures begin to rise midday. Make sure your tree isn’t over-watered since this can attract pests. Check to make sure your tree is sufficiently watered by trying to insert a long stick into the soil; if it’s difficult to insert, your tree needs more water.

Mulch the soil.

Adding a layer of mulch to your soil keeps your tree's roots cool and moist during the summer. Most organic materials can be used for mulch — including gravel, wood chips, and bark. Ideally, a one-to-three inch layer of mulch will help maintain soil temperature and ensure your tree doesn't lose valuable water.


Over-trim your trees

tree serviceSummer is the best time to trim your tree, but you run the risk of damaging your tree if you over-prune. A damaged tree will cause sap bleeding and invite unwanted bugs and fungi. While it's tempting to handle the trimming yourself, tree service professionals will know how to adequately remove excess branches, buds, and roots without exposing your plant to the outside elements. 

Ignore signs of insects or diseases

When you're out enjoying the hot weather, bugs are also running rampant. It's nearly impossible to avoid having bugs on your trees, but an infestation will lead to a shorter life for your beautiful foliage. Wood-boring insects like certain moths and beetles will eat away at living wood, preventing your tree from absorbing and retaining moisture. If you think your tree might have a pest problem, contact a tree service company for consultation.

Do you need help with your summer tree care? The arborist specialists at Greatland Tree Service in Anchorage, AK, have been serving their community's needs for over 15 years. Whether it's tree trimming, stump removal, or land clearing, their team of tree service experts can handle any landscaping task. Visit their website to learn more about their services or call (907) 336-8733 to get in touch with a professional today.

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