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Lawn Care Dos & Don’ts All Homeowners Should Know July 11, 2019

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Lawn Care Dos & Don’ts All Homeowners Should Know, Warsaw, Kentucky

In addition to boosting curb appeal, having a lawn can offer immense benefits for your home—such as keeping the environment cool, improving drainage, and preventing soil erosion. But if you want to enjoy all these benefits, it’s crucial to adopt smart lawn care strategies. If you’re new to this important aspect of landscaping, here are a few do’s and don’ts that can help you maintain a green and beautiful yard.


Fertilize at the right time.

Lawn fertilizer provides the grass with a balanced blend of nutrients that are necessary for healthy growth. However, if this resource if applied at the wrong time, you could end up disrupting the growth process. Ideally, you should fertilize in late April, when the soil temperature has reached at least 55 degrees and the grass has already begun to grow. This timing will provide the turf with the boost it needs to accelerate growth. Reapply fertilizer about once every eight weeks until October.

Consult a landscaping professional.

Not all lawns are treated the same. As such, its best start off on the right foot by talking to a trusted landscaping contractor. Well-versed in lawn care practices, these experts can advise you on the best maintenance strategies for your yard—such as how much fertilizer to apply, how often you should water, and when you should mow. These professionals can also streamline the upkeep by providing regular lawn mowing and fertilization services.


Overwater the grass.

lawn careWhile grass does need water to grow, overdoing it can cause problems. In addition to washing away healthy soil, excess moisture can discourage healthy root growth. Poor root formation can make it more difficult for the plant to get the nutrients it needs. To simplify this task, you should program a sprinkler system to give your yard the right amount of water at the right times.

Mow too short.

When it comes to lawn mowing, you might think that shorter is better—especially if you want to save time. However, cutting grass too short can make it difficult for the blades to get the energy they need from the sun. Over time, short grass will become weak and more vulnerable to unwanted weed growth. Since the ideal length can vary, ask a lawn care professional what is best for your specific type of grass.


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