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How to Prevent Summer Reading Loss in Preschoolers July 18, 2019

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How to Prevent Summer Reading Loss in Preschoolers, Manhattan, New York

Your preschooler has shown exciting growth in their reading skills over the year, but now that summer’s here, how can you keep up their preschool reading goals and progress? Follow these tips to keep your little one engaged in books and reading all summer long.

How to Keep Your Child’s Preschool Reading Skills Growing Over Summer

1. Engage a Tutor

Although summer is a time for the family to relax and travel, you may be able to fit in some private tutoring sessions to help your preschooler keep up their reading skills. This is a good option if you don’t have as much opportunity to sit and read with your little one as you’d like. 

2. Make Trips to the Bookstore or Library

preschool-readingMost preschoolers love an outing, so why not take them to the children’s section of a local bookstore or the library? Make it a point to regularly purchase books or let your child pick out a stack at the library each week. Public libraries often have free story time events; these provide excellent environments to keep children engaged in reading. 

3. Read Aloud

Sharing a quiet story with a child before bed or nap time is a nice way to spend time together as well as keep them engaged in reading. Since napping and sleep are still regular activities, even in summer, it is easy to keep up reading routines established during other times of the year. Try to fit in one book or short session per day. If a preschooler has older siblings, ask them to take a turn reading to their little brother or sister. Most kids love the chance to share learning and skills with others, and reading together can foster a lovely bond between siblings.

4. Enroll in a Summer Preschool Reading Program

Check to see what local reading centers, libraries, or preschools have summer reading programs. Enrolling your child in a structured program helps them keep reading on track as well as make new friends and discover new books. They will maintain as well as grow in reading skills.



Kids can lose their hard-earned skills over the summer, especially when busy schedules prevent families from encouraging reading. Reading in Preschool, in New York, NY, offers private, one-to-one tutoring in the home with proven methods and Master’s-level instructors. Serving children aged 2.5 to 7 in the NYC area, this private tutoring company carries out child and preschool reading lessons using materials and methods with over 20 years of research and success behind them. Call (917) 723-1159 to enroll your child or visit their website to learn more about their programs and methodology.

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