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5 Signs Your Pet Needs Dental Care Services July 18, 2019

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5 Signs Your Pet Needs Dental Care Services, Clarksville, Maryland

Properly taking care of your dog or cat should include tending to their oral health and teeth at a pet care services facility. But how can you tell when your pet needs dental care? Here are a few signs to look for. 

How to Tell If You Need Dental Care for Your Pet

1. Teeth Stains

Animals build up plaque and tartar on their teeth just like humans do. Brown or yellow staining indicates that it’s time for a cleaning. Also, brush your pet’s teeth and buy treats and chew bones that help to minimize buildups in between vet visits.

2. Bad Breath

pet-care-servicesFoul breath can indicate gum disease or tooth decay and should be attended to right away to prevent tooth loss and unnecessary pain. If your pet has chronic bad breath, make dental cleanings a part of their regular pet care service routine.

3. Swollen or Bleeding Gums

Your pet’s gums should look healthy and pink. Red, obviously swollen, or bleeding gums are signs of gingivitis or periodontal disease. Both conditions can result in tooth loss, the spread of infection to other areas in the body, and pain. Tumors on the gums may be harmless or a sign of cancer. If you notice any, head to the vet.

4. Pawing at Their Face or Drooling

An animal that paws excessively at their face or jaw or drools excessively may have an abscess or infection in the mouth. Whining without obvious reason and difficulty chewing food are signs that there is a painful dental condition present. Abscesses occur when decay has spread to the root or pulp of the tooth, and infection has set in.

5. Loose or Broken Teeth

Missing, loose, or broken teeth in a pet is cause for concern. These issues can be a result of gum disease, a rotted tooth, trauma to the jaw or mouth, or fighting. If you notice any missing or compromised teeth, schedule a visit to the vet to determine the cause and to see if complications, such as infection, are present.


When you need dental pet care services for your dog or cat, head to Cat & Dog Hospital of Columbia in Howard County, MD. They offer a full range of pet care services, including dentistry, vaccinations, and general wellness care. Call (410) 995-6880 to schedule an appointment, or head online to see a full range of their services.

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