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The Do's & Don'ts of Selling a Home July 24, 2019

Mountain Home, Baxter
The Do's & Don'ts of Selling a Home, Mountain Home, Arkansas

Selling a piece of real estate requires a bit of upfront work and investment in order to get the best price possible and to ensure the transaction goes smoothly. Fortunately, accomplishing just a few small but crucial tasks is all it takes. These are outlined in the guide below.


Improve the look of the home.

A buyer is much more likely to purchase a home that looks well-maintained, comfortable, and inviting. On the outside, mow the yard, trim the trees, and plant a few flowers. On the inside, remove clutter, perform a deep cleaning, open curtains to let in plenty of natural light, and light scented candles or use an aromatherapy diffuser to put pleasant scents into the air. A clean, organized space will help potential buyers better imagine themselves living there, which brings you that much closer to an offer.

Take eye-catching photos.

real estateThe photos that accompany your property listing provide a prospective buyer with their first glimpse of the home. And first impressions are just as crucial in real estate as they are in daily life. Take the time to capture attractive, appealing images that showcase your property at its most flattering. Use natural light whenever possible, and never photograph a room in the dark or with curtains drawn. Make the images look homey—have a fire burning in the fireplace, arrange furniture in conversational clusters, make the beds, and fluff the pillows.


Get emotionally involved.

Naturally, your home has memories and emotional meaning attached to it. But, at the end of the day, selling any type of real estate is a business transaction. Don't take it personally if you get a low-ball offer. Don't become best friends with the buyers either; this could complicate matters should issues arise throughout the sale or afterward.

Conceal problems with the property.

Be honest in all your dealings with buyers. If there any major issues with the home, either fix them yourself or offer a lower asking price so the buyer can remedy them. Disclosure laws require you to say something upfront, so concealing problems is not only unethical and bad business, but it's also illegal.


For over 25 years, Gilbert Realty Co. has been selling homes to the people of Baxter County, AR, and the Ozark and Twin Lakes areas. From sprawling lakefront properties to single-family homes, they can help you list and market your property, while also facilitating your own buying search. Call (870) 425-6282 to speak to one of their 35 agents or visit their website to learn more about their current real estate listings.

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