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3 Ways Summer Heat Affects Asphalt July 26, 2019

Wallingford Center, New Haven County
3 Ways Summer Heat Affects Asphalt, Wallingford Center, Connecticut

When the summer rolls in, the heat can have a large impact on projects involving asphalt. The material, while durable, can be affected by scorching temperatures. This is why it’s necessary to keep asphalt at an ideal temperature range. Once the pavement has cracked beyond repair, you will need additional asphalt from a material supply company. Here are a few ways hot weather changes your asphalt.

How Heat Impacts Asphalt 

material supply1. Cracking

Excessive heat leads to cracking, which then makes the area susceptible to water issues. Once water seeps in, the asphalt may suffer from erosion. This is especially true in the sub-layers where gaps will form. Over time, the pavement weakens as the weight of vehicles press down, leading to potholes and crumbled sections.

2. Binding Issues

When liquid asphalt is mixed in too high of a temperature, the binder that holds it together chemically changes. This can compromise the integrity of the mix. When the material supply has a subpar binding agent, the pavement will not have as long of a lifespan as it should. This leads to the need for repaving earlier than expected.

3. Compaction Trouble

Compaction is a critical part of laying down asphalt. This process reduces the volume of air in the mix, which creates more weight and density. If the mix is not at the correct temperature, the compaction and setting of the asphalt can be affected negatively. If the mix remains too viscous, it leads to additional issues with proper compaction.


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