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What to Consider When Designing a Vehicle Wrap for Food Trucks July 23, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
What to Consider When Designing a Vehicle Wrap for Food Trucks , Brooklyn, New York

Starting a food truck business is a popular dream among culinary entrepreneurs. With low overhead costs and location flexibility, it’s an innovative way to enter the restaurant business. Before you open up shop, however, it’s important to choose a vehicle wrap that will attract customers to your food truck. The following guidelines will help you create a unique design.

Choosing a Color Scheme

When working with such a large canvas, don’t be afraid to use dynamic colors and graphic design elements. Customers should be able to see your truck from a mile away. Consider an interesting focal point that best represents your brand, whether it’s your company logo, photos of the dishes you serve, or a recognizable quote. 

Pick a color scheme that is relevant and distinctive to your business. For example, dark, intense colors may invoke elements of savory barbecue. Strategically-placed colors—for instance, green, white, and red stripes—could instead represent the ethnic background of your food, such as Mexican or Italian.

Adding Information

vehicle wrapIn addition to your logo, the vehicle wrap should also feature essential information about your food truck business, such as the name and hours of operation. If you have a website or social media accounts, include these details to help you generate an online following and draw in more potential customers.

Choose fonts that are large and bold enough to make your information readable and eye-catching from a distance. Like colors, they can characterize and accentuate your brand. One or two styles are sufficient, as excessive usage could make information difficult to read and lead to a visually confusing design. 

Working With the Truck’s Shape & Style

Ensure that the length and width of your truck can accommodate the layout you have in mind. Use graphics sparingly to avoid overcrowding the wrap and repeating themes. Leave enough room on your vehicle wrap to ensure that all design elements are evenly spaced and aligned, especially around the service windows and doors. Remember that a large portion of one truck panel won’t be visible to customers when you’re open for business, so avoid putting a major design element in this area. 


If you need a professional to help you create the vehicle wrap for your food truck, turn to the team at DTM Signs and Truck Wraps in Brooklyn, NY. Their award-winning, full-service graphic design team is dedicated to taking your advertising campaign to the next level with a bold, stunning wrap. Their high-quality printing and vinyl cutting can bring your food truck branding visions to life. Call (347) 312-5488 to get a free estimate or visit them online to explore their services.

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