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Common Broken Bones Resulting From Car Accidents August 13, 2019

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Common Broken Bones Resulting From Car Accidents, Roanoke, Virginia

While a car accident can leave you with expensive auto body repairs, it can also result in broken bones that limit your mobility, make life more complicated, and leave you with costly medical bills. If you or a loved one have been involved in a crash, you should be aware of the most common broken bone injuries that can occur as a result of these accidents.

An Introduction to Common Broken Bones

Broken Leg Bones

When riding in a car—either as a driver or a front seat passenger—your legs stretch in front of you and are primarily surrounded by metal and plastic. High impacts can collapse these materials and injure the legs. The calf bones—both the tibia and the smaller fibula—are vulnerable to fracture during a collision. Even though it is one of the strongest bones in your body, your femur (thighbone) is highly susceptible to a break. The effect of the injury and the time required to heal will depend on your age, your health, and the precise location of the fracture. Whatever the damage, it will likely interfere with your mobility and overall comfort.

Broken Ribs

car accidentBroken ribs usually occur because the occupant was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown against the dashboard at high speed. However, it can also happen to people who are correctly strapped in. If the vehicle is struck at just the right angle and velocity, the seat belt itself can fracture a rib, and the airbag can deploy and cause this injury as well. Broken ribs are particularly problematic because they can puncture organs—your spleen, liver, kidney, etc.—and make a full range of movement painful or impossible. 

Hip Fracture

Hip fractures are the most common type of bone break that can occur during a car accident. Your body shifts during a crash and your hips and pelvis are areas that have little to no protection, from either the car’s safety features or your body. The break occurs either in the joint itself or in the pelvis encasing it. This is exceptionally traumatic and takes a long time to heal. The cast seriously impedes movement and makes walking, sitting, and sleeping difficult. A broken hip can leave older patients permanently disabled and more likely to suffer falls in the future. 


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