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5 Tips for Truck and Trailer Maintenance August 12, 2019

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5 Tips for Truck and Trailer Maintenance , Gates, New York

With a busy driving schedule and deadlines to meet, it can be easy to forget about the minor details that help your truck run smoothly. Preventative maintenance ensures that your vehicle will consistently operate as expected. Here are five important ways to care for your truck so that it safely runs and you avoid missed work due to preventable costly repairs.

Tips for Maintaining Your Truck & Trailer

1. Perform Regular Oil Checks and Changes

Your truck engine requires significant amounts of oil. Consistently checking and changing your oil is a simple preventative maintenance measure that can help you avoid major engine issues. The frequency of your oil checks and changes will depend on your vehicle and its use.

2. Maintain Properly Inflated Tires

Your tire pressure can change with weather conditions and from driving at high speeds. Underinflated tires decrease fuel efficiency and cause steering issues. Overinflated tires are more likely to blowout or show early tread wear. The proper inflation for your tires will depend on your tire type and can be found in your tire manual. 

3. Schedule Frequent Brake Checks

Preventative maintenanceBrake issues are a frequent cause of accidents for trucks. Checking your brakes often can help prevent dangerous accidents and expensive repairs. The mileage between brake service varies depending on your vehicle type and driving habits, but it’s recommended that brake checks occur with every oil change.

4. Conduct Engine Tests

Various engine issues can prevent your vehicle from properly running. Those issues include oil pressure loss and unexpected engine smoking. Engine issues should be immediately addressed by a professional diesel technician who can conduct necessary tests and repairs.

5. Perform Regular Maintenance Checks

A professional diesel technician can help you establish a preventative maintenance routine to keep your truck in top shape. These professionals can check the electronic components of your truck, conduct necessary tests, and diagnose any issues before costly repairs are needed.



If you want to learn more about preventative maintenance for your truck through a diesel technician program or you want to become a licensed commercial truck driver, the Professional Driver Institute in the Greater Rochester, NY, area has the training you need. They offer a variety of programs, including a diesel tech program, Class A and B Commercial Driver’s License certification and, road test preparation. Call (888) 734-4235 or visit their website to browse their programs.