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3 Signs of Water Damage in Your Basement July 11, 2019

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3 Signs of Water Damage in Your Basement, ,

Basements are at constant risk of water damage. From excessive rainfall to leaking pipes, water has numerous ways to access your basement without you even knowing. Though some signs of water damage are obvious, other indications are subtler. Here’s a quick look at some of the most significant indicators of a leaky basement so you can take action before minor water damage leads to major problems. 

3 Basement Water Damage Signs

1. There’s a SmellLeaky Basement

It isn’t unusual for the basement to have a different smell than the rest of your home, but if it’s starting to smell musty down there, it could indicate a problem. A musty smell is likely the result of mold growing somewhere in the basement. Mold thrives in dark, damp places, making leaky basements ideal. Not only is mold gross, but it’s also unhealthy. Smells that won’t quit, or the actual sighting of mold are both indicators of water damage.  

2. Cracking

Take a good look around your basement for cracks. Water damage cracks can appear on the floors, walls, or even outside the house. Cracks in the basement aren’t uncommon, often the result of cement shrinkage or the foundation settling. Small hairline cracks are generally nothing to worry about, but if you notice them getting more prominent, you’ll need to put a stop to it before they get big enough to allow water into your home. You should immediately address basement cracks larger than one-sixteenth of an inch before water can get in, if it hasn’t already. 

3. You Find Efflorescence

Efflorescence is a reliable indicator of water damage from a leaky basement. As water passes through the cement, the salts migrate out to the surface, leaving behind a sparkly white substance on the walls or floor when the water evaporates. Efflorescence shimmers as light passes over the tiny crystals, which sounds pretty, but is an unfortunate indication of water damage. 

Your best defense against water damage from a leaky basement is prevention. The waterproofing experts at Beaver Basement Waterproofing in Westby, WI, will help. They specialize in basement waterproofing, stopping water from getting into your basement in the first place. Visit their website to see their list of services or call them today at (608) 634-4880 to request a free estimate. 

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