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A Helpful Guide to Storm Doors August 2, 2019

Western Hills, Springfield
A Helpful Guide to Storm Doors, Springfield, Ohio

Your front door is your home’s first defense against bad weather and uninvited guests, but what’s protecting it? Like storm windows secure your interior windows from damage, storm doors installed in front of your front door will protect it from the elements while doubling as an extra layer of security against intruders. Also known as screen doors, they are available in a variety of color options and customizable panel variations. Learn the benefits of a well-built storm door to see if it will fit into your home’s aesthetic.

How do Storm Doors work?

Storm doors are built with an internal insulated layer, making them useful in cold weather where they perform similar to storm windows; they produce a layer of heat between the front door and outside to provide extra protection against chilly wind. Storm doors can also block the sun from bathing your front door in sunlight, preventing cracks and fading on your door from the intense heat.

storm windowsPre-installed glass is standard in most storm doors, coming in a variety of options, including stationary and multiple panels. Non-stationary panels let you open your window, revealing a handy screen for air circulation. For added security, storm doors are also available with multiple locking systems and additional options, like tempered glass and metal screens, for added protection against intruders.  

Does my home need a storm door?

Most homes with porches and overhangs don’t need storm doors, while areas with frequent inclement weather can be pelted by debris, which can damage your door and build up in your entryway. When the weather is nice and you yearn for a breeze to flow through your home, storm windows and storm doors will keep the bugs out.


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