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3 Residential Pest Control Practices to Keep Bugs Out of Your House July 17, 2019

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3 Residential Pest Control Practices to Keep Bugs Out of Your House, Dothan, Alabama

Your home is an ideal shelter, protecting you from the elements and providing a safe place for eating, sleeping, and other activities. Unfortunately, these same attributes also make it an attractive location for bugs. To avoid the need to call a professional residential pest control team, consider following these tips that will make an insect outbreak less likely.

Top 3 Residential Pest Control Tips to Keep Out Bugs

1. Seal Doors & Windows

As the largest openings into your home, doors, and windows also present the greatest opportunity for bugs to get inside. Be sure to install weatherstripping around the door and check caulking around the windows to eliminate any gaps that insects could use to get in. Better still, these sealing techniques will also improve your home’s energy efficiency by minimizing air leaks.

2. Clean Up Food Debris

residential pest controlFood is a primary motivator for insects to get into your home, which makes maintaining a clean environment an absolute must. Clean up spills, and don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Food should be stored in the refrigerator or sealed, airtight containers. Anything left out in the open — including pet food — spreads odors that will attract bugs inside.

3. Cover Other Potential Entryways

The doors and windows aren’t the only areas insects can use to gain access to your home. Any exterior penetration to your home, such as vents, utility or pipe penetrations, or foundation cracks can provide a large enough opening for bugs to get in. Apply caulk or a wire mesh to these areas to seal the gaps.


From preventative pest control treatments to intensive roach control services, Pest-Ex has you covered. Serving the Dothan, AL, area since 1956, this family-owned company has the right expertise and equipment to help you deal with pesky home invaders. To learn more about their residential pest control services or to request a quote, visit them online or call (334) 794-5903.

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