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How a Handgun Safe Can Protect Your Kids & Home This Summer July 10, 2019

Barnesville, Belmont
How a Handgun Safe Can Protect Your Kids & Home This Summer, Barnesville, Ohio

It’s summer break, and your children are sleeping in, watching movies, and enjoying the cool air of your home. If you keep guns in your home, investing in a safe can ensure your children and property will remain protected at all times. With curious minds and hands in your home during summer break, learn more about how a gun safe operates and the security benefits it can provide.  

How Does a Gun Safe Work?

A gun safe is similar to any type of home vault you may own; it’s designed to keep the wrong people out and let the right people in. Typically made from drill-resistant steel and secured by a combination, a safe offers a secure barrier between your children and your firearms. While a gun safe operates like a regular vault, they can have specific internal dimensions that offer more convenience and ease to specifically store your firearms.

How Do You Choose a Safe?

safeDepending on the type of guns you own, there are different options to consider when selecting your safe. For small firearms, a handgun safe is typically the best option and can be as small as a briefcase—making it easy to store and hide. For rifles and shotguns, a long-gun safe is your best bet and can store anywhere from one to dozens of firearms, depending on your needs. If you have both, there are multigun safes available to hold not only your firearms but also valuables like jewelry or protected documents.

What Are the Benefits?

The single most important benefit of owning a gun safe is that it provides protection from wandering hands, whether it’s your children or a burglar entering your home. You will be the only person to have the code to the safe, which means you can access your firearm in case of an emergency, but it will be safely stored while children are home and you’re away at work.


If you’re looking for the best way to protect your home and family this summer, talk to the professionals at Flag Floors of Barnesville in Belmont County, OH. Committed to promoting responsible gun storing practices and keeping children safe, this business stocks Liberty Safe® merchandise, a reputable manufacturer of gun vaults in various sizes. To learn more about their gun-storing options, visit them online or call (740) 425-3344.