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Need More Square Footage? Your Guide to Home Additions July 31, 2019

Dardenne Prairie, St. Charles
Need More Square Footage? Your Guide to Home Additions, Dardenne Prairie, Missouri

You want your home to support your lifestyle. While your space may have been perfect when you moved in, your needs can change with time. This is why many homeowners choose to add square footage. If you are considering building an addition onto your home design, the following guide can help you get started. 

What Should You Consider Before Building an Addition?

There are plenty of factors to consider before building a home addition. The first is why you are choosing to add square footage. Determine whether you want more living space or require additional storage. You should then carefully determine your budget, so you stay within feasible limits during the planning process. It’s also important to research home design professionals in your area. You should find a company with expertise that matches your needs. This way, you know you hired the best possible contractors for the job. 

How Can You Add More Square Footage?

home designWhile many homeowners will add square footage by building an entire room onto their homes, there are many creative ways to expand your home design. On a larger scale, you may choose to build a second story onto a one-story home or a room over the garage. You can also transform spaces to make them more functional, such as turning a deck into a sunroom or finishing a basement. 

Some homeowners will find it useful to add square footage onto individual rooms. You might add an eating area to your kitchen by bumping out a wall or create a laundry space by expanding the bathroom. A home design professional will consider your spacial needs to determine which type of addition is right for you.

Why Is Adding Square Footage Beneficial to a Home?

Function is one of the main perks of adding square footage to a home. Spaces like laundry rooms and storage rooms can be useful when keeping your home organized, especially if your family is growing. You may also enjoy the convenience of additional bedrooms or a playroom for your children. Some homeowners will also value additional entertainment or leisure space. No matter your specific needs, additional square footage can make your family and guests more comfortable. 


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