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An Introduction to Electroplating Jewelry July 18, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
An Introduction to Electroplating Jewelry, Manhattan, New York

Designing your own custom jewelry is a unique and rewarding experience, particularly when you know how your one-of-a-kind piece will be made. One common step in production is electroplating, a process used to enhance the appearance of metals. If you’re curious about how this process affects the way your jewelry looks, learn more about the essentials of electroplating.

A Quick Guide to Electroplating Jewelry

What Is Electroplating?

Electroplating uses an electric current to deposit a metal coating onto a target piece. Manufacturers use two metal conductors in an electrolytic bath: a plating metal (connected to the positively charged anode) and the jewelry (connected to the negatively charged cathode). The electric current transfers ions to the cathode, coating the surface with the desired plating metal.

How Do Jewelers Utilize the Process?

Although it seems electroplatingcomplex, this method of jewelry finishing is relatively quick, and it’s a simple matter to order jewelry customized with electroplating. You can request a variety of precious metals, although gold and silver remain popular choices. Jewelers begin by preparing the surface of the metal with a sandblaster or polish to provide a clean and even canvas. They may add a strike layer to create a stronger bond between the metal coating and your piece. At this point, the jewelry is ready to undergo the electroplating process.

Why Is It Used?

Consumers and jewelers choose electroplating for many reasons. For instance, if you want a silver necklace to appear vibrant gold, your jewelry manufacturer could apply 24-karat plating with electroplating to make it shine. The process boosts the value, quality, durability, and look of any piece. It can hide surface defects effectively and even give your jewelry the particular color you have in mind. Electroplating increases aesthetic value while building stronger, more wear-resistant jewelry.



If you’re ready to create your own custom jewelry, Frank Billanti Jewelry Casting is here to help. Located in New York, NY, this manufacturer offers full custom jewelry services to creative minds, including model-making with a CAD designer, direct casting of your precise model, electroplating, and stone-setting. Known for their meticulous and cutting-edge methods, these experts will bring your dream jewelry to life. Learn more about their manufacturing services online. To discuss your vision and receive a free quote, call (212) 221-0440 today. 

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