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3 Tips for Dog-Proofing Your Fence August 2, 2019

Spencerport, Monroe
3 Tips for Dog-Proofing Your Fence, Spencerport, New York

Some dogs seem to be veritable escape artists. No matter what type of fence installation you erect, they can find their way past it. To keep your pup safe and protect yourself against liability, it's important to prevent the dog from escaping. Below are some of the best ways to dog-proof your fence.

3 Ways to Create a Dog-Proof Fence Installation

1. Diggers

If your dog is a champion digger, you must select a fence installation that prevents him from burrowing underneath. This is particularly true of terrier breeds, which are known as tenacious diggers. In fact, the word "terrier" derives from the Latin word "terra" because they were bred to hunt animals like weasels and rabbits that burrow in the earth. Consider laying a foot or two of chicken wire on the ground just inside your fence line. Attach it to the fence to prevent the dog from moving it. This will prevent your pet from digging a trench beneath the fence and escaping.

2. Jumpers

Large dogs or medium-sized athletic dogs—such as border collies and German shepherds—may be big and agile enough to vault a traditional chain link fence. In such cases, it often makes sense to replace it with a taller structure. In other instances, you can prevent jumpers from escaping by planting tall, thorny shrubberies along the perimeter. This raises the bar, keeps them well back from the fence, and prevents them from using the fence to pull themselves up and over. 

3. Sight-Reactive Dogs

Fence installation in Spencerport, NYSometimes, the problem isn't just that the dog escapes. Some dogs become extremely reactive when they see other dogs, the mailman, noisy trucks, or other stimuli. For these dogs, it makes sense to choose a privacy fence instead of the chain-link variety. It won't interfere with their senses of hearing or smell, but a privacy fence will help hide the presence of people or animals that might cause your dog to become aggressive.


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