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4 Tips for Designing Memorable Bus Ads July 23, 2019

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
4 Tips for Designing Memorable Bus Ads , Los Angeles, California

Showcasing your business helps you engage with potential new clients. To attract new customers, marketing efforts, including using printing services and advertisements in strategic places like buses, can help your business stand out from the competition. Bus ads can be seen by anyone in the proximity of the bus, including riders, drivers and passengers in nearby cars, and pedestrians. Below are some tips for designing a memorable bus ad that attracts new customers.

How to Create Memorable Bus Ads

1. Choose the Relevant Ad Type

There are multiple types of bus ads available to advertise your business. Options for placement on the bus’s exterior includes tail signs placed at the rear of the bus or side-mounted panels in king or queen sizes. Either of those two options can be easily observed by anyone in the proximity of the bus. Interior placards can advertise your business to any passengers. Choose the ad type that best meets your company’s needs and is most likely to engage new customers.

2. Use Powerful Images

printing servicesprinting service can help you create large, eye-catching imagery that highlights your brand. As potential customers will see your ad in traffic, you don’t want the imagery to be overly detailed and distracting. Simple, memorable imagery will keep your ad in the minds of potential new customers.

3. Be Concise

Effective bus ads display information that can be remembered from a glance. For example, keep the word count as minimal as possible. Only essential information should be included on the ad, such as the business’s name, contact information, location, and the company’s slogan.

4. Make Your Objective Clear

Having a well-defined objective will help make your ad more effective. Do you want your ad to make potential customers forget about your competition, know the price of a certain product, or to take some form of action? A well-designed ad created by a printing service will make your objective clear.


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