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What is Windshield Pitting? July 26, 2019

West Kittanning, Armstrong
What is Windshield Pitting?, West Kittanning, Pennsylvania

Having a structurally sound, clear windshield plays a critical role in your safety on the road. Unfortunately, auto glass is susceptible to pitting, a form of damage that becomes noticeable in the form of specks or glare-filled areas on your windshield. Here is some information every driver should know about pitting and what to do if they detect it on their windshield.

A Guide to Windshield Pitting

What Is Pitting?

Pitting occurs when debris like sand, dust, and other particles from the road hit the windshield glass and leaves behind tiny spots. Extensive exposure to sunlight, salty air, or ocean spray can also contribute. You may notice this issue when the sun appears to catch on certain parts of the auto glass, potentially leaving behind a small rainbow design that moves with the angling of the sunlight. Some people also experience issues with their wiper blades not moving smoothly across the surface because of this damage.

What Are Its Effects? 

auto-glassPitting can damage the structure of auto glass, making it a potential hazard while you’re driving. It can also affect your visibility, putting you at greater risk of getting into an accident. If your windshield is experiencing pitting, it’s essential to have an auto glass professional replace the glass to ensure that you’re driving safely.

How Can You Prevent it?

Although pitting is a natural result of everyday driving, you can reduce the chances of it happening by driving only on paved roads and by avoiding inclement weather like high winds or sandstorms. Also, consider parking your vehicle in an enclosed space like a garage, where it’s safe from the elements. Getting your windshield inspected each time you visit the auto shop can also let you know if your glass is starting to experience pitting.



If you suspect that your windshield is experiencing pitting, take your vehicle to Hilltop Auto Glass in Apollo, PA. They’ve offered fair, appropriately priced services for over 35 years. Call the auto glass company at (724) 567-7441 or visit their website for information regarding their inspection and evaluation process.

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