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3 Luxury Travel Essentials You Never Thought to Pack August 8, 2019

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3 Luxury Travel Essentials You Never Thought to Pack, Pittsford, New York

Whether you're planning business travel or taking a guided tour across Europe, how you prepare can completely change your experience. The right packing tips and hacks can turn a simple trip into a luxury travel experience. Here are a few ideas to upgrade your vacation by keeping you organized and comfortable.

How to Improve Your Luxury Travel Experience

1. Pack Shoes in Shower Caps

Disposable shower caps are an inexpensive option for protecting everything in your suitcase from your shoes. They don't have to be completely watertight; you just need to keep the worst of any dirt and debris off your clothing, so the convenient elastic slip-on design is an excellent choice. This approach also keeps matching shoes together and prevents the shoes from getting scuffed.

2. Bring Resealable Bags

Luxury TravelWhile your shoes don't need watertight packaging, many other items do, especially food. Having a few spare baggies means you can pack up leftover airplane snacks, contain leaking bottles of shampoo or tubes of toothpaste, or gather a bunch of small souvenirs in one place. Keep them somewhere accessible, such as an exterior pocket of your carry-on. You should also have a larger, more durable wet-dry bag for your swimwear if you're going for a dip.

3. Choose an Effective Allergy Medicine

Traveling will bring you into contact with new environments — and new allergens. Many people who don't experience seasonal allergies at home find that a new type of pollen or an unfamiliar city's air can get their eyes itching and watering. Pack allergy meds, even if you don't normally need them, and make sure you have enough to either last your whole trip or give you a chance to shop for more.


To plan your luxury travel options, contact Town & Country Travel in Pittsford, NY. Since 1983, this full-service travel agency has offered personalized service from experienced staff members using the latest and most convenient technology. To get started, call 585-381-2850 (or 800-747-2850 for toll free) or send a message online.

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